09/05/2020 Berlin

Today, the 9th of May, we proudly remember Victory Day over Nazi-fascism. Today, it is the 75th anniversary since Nazi-fascism surrendered to the anti-fascist victory of the people. Thanks to the union of youth and workers all over the world, the reactionary and Nazi-fascist forces were defeated. In particular, we must recognize and appreciate the Soviet contribution to achieving victory. Now that Imperialism is attempting to develop an anti-communist propaganda campaign to equate Nazi-fascist barbarism and those who liberated us from it, this recognition becomes especially relevant. The World Federation of Democratic Youth was born a few months later "to build the unity of the youth of the world, all races, all colours, all nationalities, all beliefs, to eliminate all traces of fascism from the earth." Today, we continue to fight against fascism, fundamentalism and the extreme right. We stand up to racism, xenophobia, machismo, LGBT-phobia and any expression that seeks to divide us, the youth and the people. But, above all, we fight against the system that feeds hatred and discrimination, against the system that is at the root of the problem. We fight against the number one enemy of the people: Imperialism.