19/05/2020 Nepal, India

The Indian reactionary government has been characterized by fundamentalist policies as the Cityzen Amendment Act, anti-popular policies as the 12 hours workday, and repression against the protests of youth and people. A few days ago, the Indian government made public its intention to build a road in the disputed territory of Lipulekh. This territory, as other ones between India and Nepal, are under dispute despite the Sugauli Treaty of 1816 between Nepal and then British India. This movement wants to satisfy the interests of the Indian ruling class by facilitating a better way of trade, and it has generated more tension between India and Nepal. WFDY will always oppose the ruling classes and those who serve their interests instead of satisfying the needs of the youth and the people. WFDY will always reject any imperialist intervention or interference against the sovereignty of the peoples. WFDY welcomes the attempts to find a diplomatic solution between India and Nepal to the disputed territories. And, in case this way is not possible, we welcome the proposal to transfer the arbitration of the conflict to the United Nations. The solution to the conflict should be taken based on the needs of the youth and the people, not to satisfy the economic interests of the ruling classes or their expansionist pretensions.