28/05/2020 United States of America

After the brutal murder of George Floyd as a result of police repression, anti-racist demonstrations have gained strength in the United States. We denounce this new example of racist upsurge and racial aggression and discrimination. Racism is a tool in the hands of the ruling classes and Imperialism to ensure their domination, to enrich themselves by paying lower wages and establishing higher levels of exploitation, and to try to spread racist discourses to divide workers. In 1974, the World Federation of Democratic Youth joined a campaign and promoted actions on the International Day of Solidarity with Youth Fighting Racism in the United States (4th of April). The words of the statement of WFDY of 1974 remain in force: "We call upon the youth of the world to fight against the US government and the monopoly corporations against Black and other oppressed peoples, especially their youth, as a policy of racism requering world action." Now, as always, we must fight against social discrimination by struggling for a world that can allow people to create, live, and progress. The World Federation of Democratic Youth shall play an indispensable role on the struggle against Imperialism and all of its expressions that exploit and oppress the world youth, as racism.