05/06/2020 -

Today is World Environment Day. As we denounced in our 20th General Assembly: "Nature is endangered not because of development and the answers to the peoples' needs, but because of capitalist exploitation. The irresponsible use of Earth, the indiscriminate use and abuse of Nature, the destruction of Environment are consequences of this mode of production, of the ceaseless demand for profit, the imposition of the market imperatives and the predatory nature of capitalism." "We welcome the massive demonstrations that raise demands against the environmental exploitation and we reaffirm that the struggle for the protection of the environment in favour of the people, cannot be separated from the struggle against imperialism and its destructive nature which aims to have profits even from the natural environment. We equally warn that these struggles cannot be raised from an individualistic perspective, nor should be placed in the centre the individual responsibility of isolated people, thus obviating the true root of the problem, which is none other but the struggle of monopolies for the collection of the largest profits they can." "The struggle for the overthrow of imperialism is a one-way road. For us, the struggle against imperialism is not an obsession. It is a struggle for protecting humanity." Here you have the statement about the environment of our 20th General Assembly: