01/07/2020 Palestine

The movement to further expand the Zionist occupation of Palestine continues. Zionist Israel, with the complicity of Imperialism, is trying to annex the West Bank territories. These plans are intended to start from the 1st of July. Its pretensions, besides being illegal and violating international law and UN agreements, are a new attack on the Palestinian people. All this, with the approval of imperialist forces like the United States. The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns again the Zionist occupation of Palestine, driven by the Israeli aggression, the tool of imperialism, which is today worse than ever, as well as the policy of extermination of the Palestinians through occupation, settlements, forced evictions and the isolation of Palestine, economic barriers, the apartheid wall, and the continued imprisonment of thousands of Palestinians. We reaffirm, as we historically did and we also did during our 20th General Assembly, our support of the right of the Palestinian people for freedom and liberation. If you want, you can read the Resolution about the imperialist interventions where we explain our analysis on the Palestine cause: