20/07/2020 Cyprus

The 15th of July of 1974 the Greek junta and EOKA B committed a coup d’état after many years of terror and propaganda against the Cypriot people. As NATO had planned, the aim was to create the conditions to facilitate the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey and thus partition Cyprus. 5 days after the coup d’état, the 20th of July of 1974, the plan co-organized by NATO, Turkey, the Greek junta and EOKA B moved on to the next phase: the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey. While the crime against Cyprus was orchestrated by Imperialism, the nationalist forces from both communities, with continuous murders of democratic and progressive people, assisted its plans. The many years of criminal actions from the nationalist forces gave the opportunity for the Turkish invasion, right after the execution of the coup d’etat. Today, it is 46 years since the beginning of the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus. An invasion of which the coup plotters were fully aware and complicit. They impeded by every means possible the strengthening of the Cypriot forces to fight against Turkey’s invading army. They abandoned their units, leaving the people to wage an unequal and betrayed battle against the invaders. Today, 46 years of invasion and occupation of Cyprus, we, the World Federation of Democratic Youth, reiterate our commitment and solidarity with the Cypriot people. We show our repudiation of NATO, an imperialist agent of war at the service of the ruling classes and which has always acted against the peoples of the world. As the case of Cyprus shows us, the fight against NATO and any other imperialist alliance must be a priority for the youth. As we said in our 20th General Assembly, we "confirm our support towards the people of Cyprus and their demand for freedom and reunification under the solution of a bicommunal, bizonal, federal state with a single sovereignty, a single international personality, a single citizenship, with political equality between the two communities as it is prescribed in numerous UN Security Council Resolutions and without any foreign guarantors. The comprehensive solution shall include: the full demilitarization of Cyprus, the withdrawal of Turkish occupation forces and settlers, the restoration of the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus, the respect of the independence of Cyprus, the respect and restoration of the human rights and freedoms of all Cypriots, including the right of all refugees to return to their homes and properties." The poster is from an international meeting of WFDY in solidarity with Cyprus, organised in Nicosia in 1981. WFDY has always been and will be with the Cypriot youth and people.