01/09/2020 Lebanon

The 4th of August the tragic explosion in the port of Beirut hit the youth and the people of Lebanon again. In the last years, the situation that the Lebanese youth and people have experienced has been worrying: debt, great social inequalities, unemployment, the impact of the inter-imperialist tensions, the repercussion of Zionism and other tensions in the Middle East region, and the anti-popular policies implemented by the ruling class that have made the situation even worse. Although the situation was already worrying, the pandemic further aggravated the situation, and this catastrophe of 4 August was a new blow that affected the Lebanese youth and people. In front of this situation, the World Federation of Democratic Youth wants to show all our support to the Lebanese youth and people, especially to our comrades of ULDY, who have been doing a great job for years. This great work was maintained during the pandemic, organising the youth to face it, and now after the catastrophe, it has continued to be like that. We hope that the facts will be clarified as soon as possible. In the same way, we claim that the future of Lebanon should be determined only by its people, and not by the imperialist carrion that has already come to Lebanon to try to impose its interests on the country. A few days ago we called on all member organisations of the World Federation of Democratic Youth to show their solidarity with the youth and the people of Lebanon. During these days we will share with you images of these campaigns.