29/11/2020 Palestine

The Palestinian youth and people, as all the anti-imperialist youth and people of the world, commemorate the 29th of November as every year since 1977 the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. We condemn the Zionist occupation of Palestine, driven by the Israeli aggression, the tool of Imperialism, which is today worse than ever, as well as the policy of extermination of the Palestinians through occupation, settlements, forced evictions and the isolation of Palestinian, economic barriers, the apartheid wall, and the continued imprisonment of the thousands of Palestinians. The situation has surpassed any previous one, as attacks and murders have become parts of “every-day life” for the Palestinians: the so-called “Deal of the century”, the annexation plan of the West Bank territories a few months ago, the murder of Iyad al-Hallaq, the situation of the Palestinian prisoners, and so on. In the face of the Zionist occupation and the continued aggression against the Palestinian youth and people, we want to express our solidarity, not only today but every day. We want to highlight our special solidarity with the Palestinian repressed people, prisoners, refugees and in general with the victims of all forms of Zionist brutality. We reaffirm the support of the right of the Palestinian people for freedom, liberation, the release of prisoners and detainees in jails and lift the siege completely from Gaza and the occupied areas. Long live the Palestinian cause and struggle! Free Palestine!