30/12/2020 India

The year 2020 has been marked by the multiple mobilisations of the Indian people against the restrictive and reactionary measures and the cuts in rights that they have tried to impose on the youth, the working class and peasantry of India. In November of this year, more than 250 million workers responded to the call for a General Strike, called by ten trade union centres in the country to denounce the economic and labour policies of the Narendra Modi government. There have also been strong university protests against education reform projects and fee hikes, as well as agricultural protests in response to government legislation that they described as "privatizing" and servile to the interests of big business and multinationals. The World Federation of Democratic Youth salutes the just demands of the Indian people and we highlight the fundamental role that our sister organisations have played in the mobilizations of all the anti-imperialist youth of the country. We want to wish them the greatest success in their just struggle against the Indian ruling class and for the construction of that society for which we have fought for and dreamed of.