15/01/2020 Cuba

On the 11th of January, nine days before the change in the US presidency, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the inclusion of Cuba on the list of "sponsors of terrorism". The State Department, without legitimate arguments and only with lies, is attempting to justify the economic measures against the people who resist bowing to the imperialist US through this inclusion. Unfortunately for the Cuban youth and people, it will not be the first time that the United States decides to include the island in this list of shame. It was part of it until the year 2015. Since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, the Cuban people have been victims of terrorism, suffering 3478 deaths and 2099 disabled people in their flesh as a result of actions encouraged or directed by the US government from that same country. Meanwhile, Cuba promotes solidarity with the peoples, as shown by the example of thousands of young Cubans providing solidarity services in other nations affected by COVID-19. Once again an attempt is being made to aggravate the situation suffered by the youth and people of Cuba due to the illegal and inhumane blockade. The World Federation of Democratic Youth, as it has always done, reiterates the condemnation of the inclusion of Cuba in the list of "States Sponsors of Terrorism", of the criminal economic blockade imposed by the US against the Cuban Revolution and any attempt of intervention in the countries of Latin America. We reaffirm the solidarity and support towards Cuba and its people who, despite the difficulties, resist the escalated attacks of the US government by preserving and promoting solidarity, social justice and humanism, the ideals of peace and socialism.