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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 21/03/2019 The 21st of March is marked by the United Nations as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. As the General Assembly of the United Nations, correctly underlines “any doctrine of racial superiority is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous and must be rejected, together with theories that attempt to determine the existence of separate human races.” For WFDY, the phenomenon of racial discrimination is nothing more than another extension of the many effects of imperialism in today’s societies. Nowadays, as it is also recognized by a document of the UN, this phenomenon is expressed with “various racist extremist movements based on ideologies that seek to promote populist, nationalist, right-wing agendas and racial superiority, fuelling racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance” One of the most dangerous and unhuman extents of this phenomenon is the revival of Nazism through the many fascist and neonazist organisations around the world. WFDY, as a true child of the victory of the peoples against fascism, shall rise, bring together all the progressive youth of the world and fight against this monstrosity with unity, solidarity and internationalism. We state ready and militant! Defenders of peace and friendship!
Solidarity statement with the Lebanese people 17/12/2019 During the last months, the people from Lebanon have raised up against the anti-popular policies and the sectarian regime of the Lebanese government. Thousands of people went out to denounce that the ruling class is denying a decent life to the youth and the workers. The last two nights these demonstrations become bigger. The people have strengthened their struggle. In this situation, the Lebanese government, together with the fascist groups has responded by throwing tear gas, using water cannons against protesters, and repressing the youth and the people. The repression of the last two days has generated more than 70 wounded in Beirut. The World Federation of Democratic Youth wants to greet the struggle of the people in Lebanon in order to build the world we have dreamed of and fought for. The World Federation of Democratic Youth also wants to denounce the repression of the Lebanese government and shows solidarity with the victims of brutality.
In Solidarity with Sri Lankan People 24/04/2019 The World Federation of Democratic Youth condemns the brutal attacks on Sri Lankan people causing deaths to the hundreds of innocent people and making several hundreds of people injured. We initially express our condolences to the families of the deceased and wish fast recovery to the injured. We express our solidarity towards Sri Lankan people and we wish strength and courage to face the situation and recover from the trauma together as one. We vehemently condemn all racial and religious extremism which constantly bring bloodshed to the world. We request from progressive youth and students in Sri Lanka to face this situation wisely and to propagate peace within people. We simultaneously, request all the people in Sri Lanka not to divide into ethnic differences but to unite as one nation in the process of recovering from this trauma. Long live peace!
International Migrants Day 18/12/2019 Today, 18th of December is the International Migrants Day. War, interventions and occupations are generating the increase of migrations and refugees all over the world. Also, climate change is starting to generate migrations in some countries. Nowadays, there are 70 million people forced to migrate or displaced. In this context, fascists, the extreme right and fundamentalists are promoting xenophobia and racism against migrants and refugees. The ruling class is trying to take advantage of this situation, disorienting the working class from focusing on their class opponent and making them focus on artificial divisions such as those related to migrants and refugees instead. It is important to underline that those who launch the most xenophobic policies and messages against immigrants are actually those who are in control of the violence and the aggressiveness that are responsible for making thousands of people (mostly youngsters) refugees. Imperialism not only causes forced migrations and refugees, but it also causes, by repressive policies, the death and even murdering of thousands of people whose only “crime” was to search for better living conditions. An example of this is the European Union or the United States of America by their immigration policy. The World Federation of Democratic Youth points out that Imperialism is the first responsible for forced migrations and refugees. The World Federation of Democratic Youth denounces xenophobia and racism, which are tools of the ruling class to divide the workers. The World Federation of Democratic Youth reiterates its commitment with the anti-imperialist struggle, which is the only way to achieve lasting peace and the end of forced migrations.
World Environment Day 05/06/2019 The 5th of June is designated as the World Environment Day after a decision of the United Nations. The destruction of the environment is an inevitable outcome of the imperialist structure of the world. The imperialist circles, who are primarily concerned about securing their own economic profits without worrying about the peoples, are sacrificing the environment and the future of the planet. It is a fact that awareness about the pollution of the environment is raised the last years. We welcome the massive demonstrations that raise demands against the environmental exploitation and we reaffirm that the struggle for the protection of the environment in favour of the people, cannot be separated from the struggle against imperialism and its destructive nature. Personal responsibility is a factor in this matter as well but we call the youth to be cautious about this side of the discussions around environment. The ruling classes of the world, imperialism itself, puts a lot of effort to convince the peoples that the destruction of the environment is something that passes through each individual separately. In this way they attempt to denounce their own responsibility and to hide the catastrophic consequences of the imperialist way of production. WFDY believes that the only way to put an end to the exploitation and the pollution of the environment is the overthrow of imperialism and the final victory of the peoples. In that direction we will keep fighting the root cause of wars and the destruction of the environment, for the construction of the new superior society of peace and social justice.
About the latest developments between India and Pakistan 01/03/2019 WFDY observes with concern the latest developments between India and Pakistan who due to the military operations and activities of armed groups, are facing the danger of a new escalation of the tension. The peoples of India and Pakistan have experienced the bloodsheds of war in the past and they know that in these wars there is no winner people but only suffering peoples and satisfied ruling classes. People of both countries already faces serious deficiencies with countless problems such as unemployment, underemployment, homelessness, discrimination, limited access to health and education, debts etc. War between territories or countries will only increase the for the people who are already fighting to survive with the social and economic problems. We urge both Indian and Pakistan governments to take immediate action to mitigate the rising tension between these two nations and to make every possible step to stop an inhuman conflict from happening. We encourage and sincerely request the people of both countries not to separate but to unite, not to step towards war but to step towards peace, not to hate the each other but to see each other as equals, not to fight with each other but to unite and demand rights for everyone. As the World Federation of Democratic Youth, we convey our solidarity towards the people in both India and Pakistan with the hope for long lasting peace between these two nations.
CALL FOR SOLIDARITY WITH LEBANON 01/09/2020 The 4th of August the tragic explosion in the port of Beirut hit the youth and the people of Lebanon again. In the last years, the situation that the Lebanese youth and people have experienced has been worrying: debt, great social inequalities, unemployment, the impact of the inter-imperialist tensions, the repercussion of Zionism and other tensions in the Middle East region, and the anti-popular policies implemented by the ruling class that have made the situation even worse. Although the situation was already worrying, the pandemic further aggravated the situation, and this catastrophe of 4 August was a new blow that affected the Lebanese youth and people. In front of this situation, the World Federation of Democratic Youth wants to show all our support to the Lebanese youth and people, especially to our comrades of ULDY, who have been doing a great job for years. This great work was maintained during the pandemic, organising the youth to face it, and now after the catastrophe, it has continued to be like that. We hope that the facts will be clarified as soon as possible. In the same way, we claim that the future of Lebanon should be determined only by its people, and not by the imperialist carrion that has already come to Lebanon to try to impose its interests on the country. A few days ago we called on all member organisations of the World Federation of Democratic Youth to show their solidarity with the youth and the people of Lebanon. During these days we will share with you images of these campaigns.
#WFDY75 | 75TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF THE WORLD FEDERATION OF DEMOCRATIC YOUTH 10/11/2020 Last week an earthquake shook the peoples of Greece and Turkey. This was a new tragedy that brought new suffering in addition to the pandemic and the daily miseries of the youth and the working class at this system. The World Federation of Democratic Youth wants to show its solidarity with the youth and the people of Greece and Turkey; our condolences to the families and friends of the victims; and all our support to our comrades of the Communist Youth of Greece and the Communist Youth of Turkey in their demands. Once more, as we have seen during the pandemic and in the face of other tragedies like the one in the port of Beirut last August, the anti-imperialist youth has been the first to give everything to support our peoples. A new example has been the comrades of the Communist Youth of Turkey who, together with their Party, have gone on the streets to organise solidarity in the face of the tragedy. We are proud to share struggles with comrades who are so conscious and exemplary in their solidarity. Online event of the 75th anniversary of the World Federation of Democratic Youth:
HAPPY AND COMBATIVE 2021 01/01/2021 The end of this anomaly 2020 and the beginning of 2021 are near. It was difficult to foresee when we started the year, just days after the 20th General Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, how the year would develop. The sharpening of the inter-imperialist tensions; the ideological, political, economic and military offensive of the imperialist forces; the rise of reactionary, fascist and extreme right-wing forces and the consequent promotion of racist, misogynist, LGTB-phobic and class ideas to divide the working class. These were some of the ideas that came out from that General Assembly, as well as the need for the anti-imperialist youth all over the world to work together to face the number one enemy of the people: Imperialism. The outbreak of the pandemic of the COVID-19 at the world level shook our world. In the same way, it seemed to disrupt the analyses made that month of December 2019. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was not necessary to wait too long to see how the pandemic would exemplify every one of the illnesses we pointed out about the imperialist system, that is, to see how Imperialism multiplied the effects of the pandemic. The dialectic relationship between pandemic and Imperialism has been a constant that has caused great suffering to the peoples of the world this 2020. But this 2020 also leaves us with a new example of how the best thing has always been the people. In the face of the miseries to which the ruling classes condemn us, the youth and the working class have organised themselves to confront their offensives. We can find examples of this in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and North America. Last November 10 was the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. We face the coming year with the honour of paying tribute to millions of young people who have given their lives for the World Federation of Democratic Youth. For all those who have gone before us, for all those who will come: may this 2021 be a year in which the peoples of the world take centre stage; may we finally put an end to the number one enemy of the peoples, Imperialism; and may we finally build the world we have dreamed of and fought for.

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